Is your office or facility is running out of space? Compacting Shelving (Movable Shelving, Rolling Shelving or High Density Shelving) could be the right fit for you.  (CLICK ON ABOVE PICTURE)

First, what is Compacting Shelving?

We attach your existing or new shelving (racking, cabinets, etc) to a rolling carriage.  The carriage (with the shelving or cabinets on them) rolls along a track and compresses against other shelving and cabinets.  This is instead of needing an aisle-way for each row.  More shelving and storage is placed into unused aisle-space.  Next, access is obtained by easily sliding the carriage to create an aisle only in front of the needed row.  This better utilizes space instead of having wasted space for aisles in front of unused rows.

Next, what does it do and what can it store?

Compacting shelving systems designed to fit your area can store your current items in half the space. Alternatively, it can also double your storage capacity to help you store twice as much in a given area. Most importantly, we can store most any item and save you money. Our shelving is available in many heights, widths and depths.  Shelves, drawers, rollers, hanging units and other accessories are available to fit your needs.  Whether you are storing file folders, boxes, books, pallets, parts, tools, weapons ,evidence or other materials, we have the system for your needs.

We save you money because we can store your items in a smaller space, reducing wasted floor-space. First, we can utilize your existing space to store twice as much (without adding onto your building).  Secondly, we can store your current items in 1/2 the space, which frees up the other 1/2 for offices or other items.  Third, with using smaller spaces we can reduce your operational costs.  So, our systems improve employee productivity and reduce heating, air conditioning, lighting, cleaning costs and other costs due to reducing your storage footprint.

What are a couple of the options?

Systems are available with manual handles, mechanical assist turning handles or push-button electrically powered systems.  Plus, retractable reference shelves and other accessories can be added to increase productivity.  And a variety of options are available from basic scaled down versions with little options for the budget conscious, to multiple accessories and aesthetically pleasing upgrades to enhance office beauty.  Also, row lengths of 3 ft to 100 ft can be designed for your facility.  Further, if you have poles, pillars or other encumbrances in the area, carriages can be of different heights and lengths to increase capacity.

We can work with your needs. Also, rows can be set up differently to store your many differently sized items. Row locks and system locks can be added for security of the items, if needed as well. Further, we have a variety of options to meet ADA and building load requirements.  Because of all of the options, we design according to your needs.  So call us for recommendations!  Contact Us

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